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Growing Long And Healthy Hair With Wigs


The last post (see here) talked about getting started with wearing wigs and what to look out for and also how to make your wig as natural as possible – we understand that it is not your hair, but we don’t want the wig to take away from your whole appearance.

To get the most benefit while you wear a wig, you will need to ensure that your own hair is properly taken care of to ensure as much growth as possible while on this low manipulation regimen, as well as to retain the growth. If the hair is growing and we are not able to retain the growth, which will be just a wasted effort!


How often should you wash your hair? It is up to you how often you want to wash your hair while wearing a wig. Some wash every week or every other week. The washing session will be: shampoo, deep treatment, and conditioner.


Once the hair has been washed, you’ll need to put your hair in any of the following styles:


French braids

Twists – flat or individuals

Twists 11072014



Plaits 11072014

Make sure that they are not too tiny or too big – preferably medium-sized – for a smooth foundation and to prevent bulkiness. If you’ll be wearing a straight wig, you wouldn’t want bumps on your head. The bulkiness might not be a problem if you are going to be wearing mainly curly wigs. Those tend to be more forgiving and can conceal the bumps.



In the morning, spray the braids with a leave-in conditioner. You can buy any leave-in conditioner or you can make yours by adding water to your regular conditioner in a spray bottle.


Once the braids have been misted with the leave-in, add your moisturizer, and then seal the moisture with some light oil.

Tie a silk scarf (this will ensure that the moisture is not zapped out of the hair) on your head, and put on a stocking cap or a wig cap. Now, you can wear your wig.

Once you are back in the comfort of your home, you should remove the wig and let your hair out – to breath.


Depending on how your hair feels – if you think that it feels dry, you can moisturize again, add some oil and maybe do a head massage to increase circulation to the scalp to encourage hair growth. Wear a satin bonnet to sleep.

You should ensure that you moisturize your hair once or twice every day. If you are worried about moisture overload, you can spray some ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer to help strengthen the hair strands.

Pay attention to your edges and nape. If you think that the wig might be affecting the hairs on your edges or nape, then you’ll need to consider either to stop wearing the wig for awhile to help your edges recover or switch to another wig that will allow you to leave some hair out. It’s a balancing act. We have to ensure that whatever regimen we are following is actually adding benefits to our hair and not taking away from it.

Do you follow any particular regimen while wearing your wigs?

Keep the Kinks,


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