3 Things You Should Do After You Take Down Your Braids If You Want to Grow Healthy Natural Hair


bRAIDS PICWhat do you do when you take down your braids or your daughter’s? If you are only doing a shampoo wash with no other treatments, then you are not helping with the health of your hair.

So, what should you be doing? The following are the three things that must be part of your regimen when you take down your braids or even your sew-in.

  1. Detangling 

    Your hair has been in the braids for a good amount of time – at least six weeks – so, you will have a lot of shed hairs. At this time, your hair is weak and will be brittle. Section your braids into four, and take down one section at a time.

Once a section has been taken down, spray your detangler to that section, and carefully detangle with a wide-tooth comb or brush to take out the shed hairs. Once you are done with that section, you can clip it down, and do the remaining sections. Suggested

2. Protein Treatment – you didn’t think you will need this, right? But you do. if your goal is to grow and retain your length, you want to ensure that you are giving strength to your hair strands.

The tension from the braids and cornrows can weaken your hair strands, and that is why you do a protein treatment – to put strength back. Suggested

3. Deep Conditioning – your protein treatment MUST be followed by a deep moisturizing treatment. Doing this will help to balance the strength and moisture in your hair.

Remember, our hair does grow, but the question is how much of that growth are we able to retain?

Doing these steps will help you ensure that the growth that happened while your hair was resting in the braids/cornrows is retained. Suggested

Check out the below video for additional details.

Happy hair growing!

Now, do you do all three steps? If yes, what has been your experience? If no, what will you be doing differently?

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