3 Signs That It Is Time To Clarify Your Hair


clarify-2It is always good to listen to your hair’s needs. Your hair will guide you on what it needs more or less of. Make sure that you are paying attention to those signs to help you grow healthy beautiful natural hair.

Here are 3 signs to tell you that your hair needs to be restarted.

  1. Dull Looking: usually after using several products over the period, your hair will be so full of those different ingredients and will form a film on your hair strands.
  2. Non-Responsive to holy grail products: after you might have found the products that your hair responds fantastically to, and all of a sudden, you no longer get that amazing look from your hair, that’s an indication that there is product build-up and your hair needs to be thoroughly cleaned out.
  3. Too oily: as a result of the different oils (or maybe the same oil) used in your hair during this period, the hair will become oily and sometimes you might find that it can be smelly as well (gross, I know. LOL).

I clarified my hair some weeks ago and below were the products that I used. My hair was squeaky clean and was able to absorb all the products to moisturize.


Below is a video to show you the clarifying shampoo that I used for myself and my daughters.

What is your favorite clarifying shampoo?

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